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“Ridarec has been an invaluable partner in crafting high-quality content for our sites, consistently delivering engaging and well-researched articles. Their professionalism have greatly contributed to enhancing our online presence.”
Angelina Ristova

Project Manager

“With Ridarec, we mitigated the conflict that our hiring team would face at hiring a mixed bag of talent while as a business we are achieving the space to correctly nurture incoming talent given that the learning curve locally is anywhere between 3-6 months.”

Joel Madtha

SEO Reseller

“I‘ve been working with Ridarec for more than 4 years now, and I just love working with great content quality creators and communications.”

Liraz Postan


It has been a great pleasure to work with David and his team! Right from the start of the project, they delivered everything we agreed upon in our Skype meeting and email conversations. The work they carry out on a monthly basis has shown a high level of professionalism. David is also a great communicator (via Messenger). He always listens, responds, and addresses issues in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to send them more projects when opportunities arise!

Edward Zheng


“David and the folks over at Ridarec are – bar none – the best full-service content marketing team in the game. Helpful, thorough, and professional, their expertise has helped me and my clients almost immeasurably. Legends!

Harrison Hosking

Digital Marketer

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